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Mobile game for healthier eating habits

  • Published on January 14, 2019
Co-create a mobile app/game to stimulate adolescents to shift into balanced eating habits, instigating them to read food labels and reinforcing the relation between their diets and their lifestyles
The game is under development, and it´s expected to be officially launched in March/April 2019. It has been developed in partnership with more than 100 students from 4 public schools from São Paulo, Salvador, Campo Grande and Porto Alegre and its beta version has been tested by more than 600 students from these schools. The game testing was preceded by the application of a survey with the participant students, in order to examine the eating and gaming habits of these adolescents, and, by the end of the process, evaluate the effectiveness of the mobile game into promoting balanced eating habits. As soon as ready, the game will be published in Edukatu and presented as a pedagogical tool of the project.

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