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Manual: Sustainable Food Tools – Ways to Communicate with Guests

  • Published on February 1, 2018
Communication of sustainable food aspects to hotel guests was the focus of a pilot project which aimed to develop and test guest-communication tools in the F&B departments of 7 hotels affiliated with Futouris members. The first use of these tools, in hotels on Gran Canaria during the summer of 2017, brought about both a positive response from guests to being informed about regional foodstuffs and a significant reduction in food waste.The manual provides effective tools and practical suggestions which can be easily adopted for, and adapted to, a specific hotel. Alongside these, there are embedded links which take the reader directly to the templates for the tools which can be customized to reflect different corporate designs.
The manual is freely available to the tourism industry. Through the use of these tools hotels' commitment to sustainable food will be successfully communicated to the guests and the hotel itself will improve its sustainability. At the same time, the guests will be won over to supporting the sustainability measures and become more aware of the sustainable consumption of food. Futouris, the sustainability initiative of the German travel industry, will encourage its members to use the manual and templates for communicating their sustainable food offer to the guests. The manual including the templates for sustainable food signage is available in English and in German.


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