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Local Food Connect

  • Published on October 3, 2022

The Green Supply Chains initiative aims to enhance the proportion of food and drink served to visitors in Ljubljana that is manufactured using locally sourced products. The goal was to establish a link between the city's lush hinterland, where more than 800 farms serve the nation's capital with fresh vegetables and the city's tourism industry.

In a sustainable development framework, the Locally Grown Food Exchange complements the Green Supply Chains initiative by increasing awareness of the value of locally produced foods beyond the tourism industry.

Four Locally Grown Food Exchanges have been part of this initiative since 2018, bringing together local food producers with restaurateurs, hotels, representatives of preschools and primary schools, and representatives of other public institutions in the Ljubljana Urban Region.

Since it compresses distribution networks and uses fewer fertilisers and other chemicals, the initiative is very environmentally friendly. The initiative has simultaneously boosted the local economy and increased public awareness of the fact that sustainable urban and tourism development is always the outcome of a well-thought-out collaboration between various partners and stakeholders.


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