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Launch of EPEAT Servers Product Category Public Registry

  • Published on November 8, 2018
EPEAT's new server product category is the first comprehensive ecolabel for this ubiquitous class of IT equipment, providing purchasers with an opportunity to further reduce their IT footprint and drive sustainability throughout the server supply chain. The new server ecolabel reduces energy and resource use, greenhouse gas emissions, toxics and waste generation on a per product basis, as well as stimulates the adoption of and improvement in environmental and social performance at their operations and within their supply chain.
Since the Server Registry launch in the Fall of 2018 hundreds of products have been loaded to the Registry. The criteria in this ecolabel address life cycle environmental and social impacts, from the extraction of raw material to component production, manufacturing, use and responsible end of life management. The ecolabel establishes stringent requirements for: • the elimination or reduction of toxics in manufacturing processes and the product; • energy efficiency of equipment and power supplies; • the use of recycled content plastics and rare earth metals; • product design for and information to enable repair, reuse and recycling; and • responsible end of life management. The ecolabel criteria also go beyond the product to influence supplier performance and increase transparency about the product and its manufacture. Criteria, for example, include: • Obtaining and disclosing a full inventory of substances in the product; • Supplier certification to social responsibility performance standards addressing labor and worker health and safety; and • Energy efficiency at supplier manufacturing facilities.

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