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Key policy advocacy messages of the One Planet Network Sustainable Food Systems Programme

  • Published on November 2, 2022

The SFS Programme's Working Group on ' Mainstreaming food systems and the sustainable food systems approach in key policy fora' developed this document which compiles the programme's key messages across six key areas relevant to the current policy debate on the transformation of our food systems these areas are:

1. Food systems approach and multi-actor collaboration.

2. Coherent and holistic policies.

3. Inclusive and participatory governance.

4. Transparency and accountability.

5. Investing in food systems transformation.

6. Urgency requires bold, new economic measures.





As a multi-stakeholder platform that aims to accelerate the shift to sustainable food systems in pursuit of the mandate of the One Planet Network, the SFS Programme has delivered these key messages in consultation with its Multistaekholder Advisroy Committee members. These messages are part of a narrative on the vision of food systems transofmration, shared by its members. The document saupports SFS Programme members as well as non-members to speak with one voice on the policy transformations that are urgently needed in the face of the interrelated challenges and crises.

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