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ITH's Sustainable Tourism Model: iSave Hotel platform

  • Published on February 7, 2020
The ITH Sustainable tourism Model was created with the objective of providing specific actions and measures to tourist accommodations to help them achieve sustainability objectives, as well as reducing the environmental and social impact of tourism.
As a result of the implementation of this project, ITH has visited and carried out studies of the facilities of approximately 190 tourist establishments throughout Spain that have requested to participate in the project and is currently executing energy rehabilitation projects in 6 hotel establishments, including in the Iberian peninsula and in the Canary Islands. From the diagnoses carried out, very relevant conclusions have been obtained about the state of the hotels in general in terms of energy. These conclusions reveal that 73% of these hotels have deficiencies in the implementation of control and monitoring systems for their installations, 71% do not have optimized systems for pumping and driving fluids, and 57% have poor installations for channeling these fluids, which means that they lose heat and cold or lose water directly during transport throughout the building. From this point on, 44% of hotels have problems with air conditioning and 40% with heating.

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