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Integrated portfolio of the One Planet network

  • Published on January 7, 2021
The main objective of this exercise was to look at the actual tools and solutions of the One Planet network - as reported by members and submitted to online portfolios - in order to see which categories might naturally emerge. Currently the One Planet network has thousands of activities and tools submitted through the online reporting and directly on the web platform, but there is not necessarily a coherence in the categorisation across programmes, or even within a specific programme. The idea was to see if across the entire network, there is actually a limited number of categories of tools and solutions that are being produced. Furthermore, this exercise can also help to identify topics or themes where the network is strong (and maybe was not aware of it), or conversely, themes and topics that the network claims to focus on (through work plans and other strategic documents) but which in reality do not have a lot of tools and solutions actually available from the network.
Now that the integrated portfolio has been completed offline, the goal is to understand how it can best be integrated onto the web platform so that the knowledge is accessible to the stakeholders who need it. The knowledge needs to be structured in such a way that it is searchable, applicable, extractable, and ultimately usable in the real world. Furthermore, it is expected that this type of exercise which was done manually will be able to be performed automatically, using some kind of automatic indexation either based on algortithms or other tools.

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