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Input paper on "Interlinkages between Nutrition and SDG 12" for en Expert Group Meeting in preparation of HLPF 2018

  • Published on January 15, 2019
The paper was produced to serve as the basis for a discussion at en expert group meeting linking nutrition with the SDGs, in preparation of HLPF 2018: The main objectives of the expert group meeting were to: - Provide concrete, actionable nutrition inputs into the 2018 High Level Political Forum (HLPF), linking with the 2030 Agenda. - Provide contributions for the CFS45, specifically the lessons learned session about nutrition and/or SDGs.
After a day and a half of deliberations at the expert group meeting, messages were delivered to the Member State Briefing on 20 June by Stineke Oenema, UNSCN Coordinator. These outcomes will be further refined and are meant to provide concrete, actionable nutrition inputs beyond the 2018 HLPF and its related UNSCN-CFS event, and to the plenary of the 45th session of the CFS in October 2018. The background document prepared for this event is to provide an overview of the SDGs under review in 2018 and their interlinkages with nutrition. It is meant to stimulate discussion during the event itself and does not represent an exhaustive overview of the topics. Additional details are provided in the Annexes. None of these texts represent necessarily the views of UNSCN nor its members.

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