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IndiaTex brochure

  • Published on February 27, 2024

The project ‘Accelerating the Transition of the Indian Textile Sector towards Circularity’ (IndiaTex) is a four-year UNEP project funded by Denmark and implemented in collaboration with the Government of India’s Ministry of Textiles. IndiaTex aims to accelerate the transition of the Indian textile sector towards circularity
The textile sector is crucial for India’s economy and workforce. In an interconnected global value chain, integrating circular practices will improve the sector’s competitiveness and market access. India’s textile clusters are a particularly effective method to speed India’s transition to circularity.

The project will work with the industry at brand level and in two textile clusters in India:

  • Support SMEs in clusters to calculate their Product Environmental Footprint (PEF)
  • Support SME brands to implement and communicate about circular business models

With the India Government, the project will:

  • Build capacity and support the development and implementation of circular textile policies.
  • Create convening opportunities for government, companies and organisations to coordinate and align on circular textiles ambition at national, regional and global level.

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