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  • Published on January 28, 2022

Evertis Ibérica S.A and Selenis Portugal S.A, subsidiaries of the multinational IMG Group have partnered with Blue Boson S.E, to bring solutions to a worldwide challenge – climate change. Blue Boson focuses on a quantum-based physical liquid treatment, including no chemicals water treatment, that brings double digit energy savings and environmental revolution.


The climate change caused by human activity has disastrous consequences for our planet. Energy is the backbone of the global economy. Fuels and energy are consumed in the generation of electricity, heating and cooling, as well as in industrial production processes. The manner in which energy is generated and utilised has a profound impact on the quality of the environment, and on the health and safety of the population.

The IMG Group’s efforts go a step further than understanding the environmental impact of their products and processes. Both Evertis and Selenis started their transition towards becoming regenerative companies in 2019. In their mission to restoring environmental balances and enhancing biodiversity, they came across Blue Boson as a strategic partner to shape a better world.

Through Blue Boson® Effector environmental technology, the IMG Group has successfully implemented a company-wide project to increase the efficiency of their cooling and steam production circuits. This technology has been operating since May 2021 and within the first 3 months, the group saved 50,010 Nm3 of natural gas in their industrial units in Portugal, representing a 6.86% decrease of their average annual natural gas consumption. Additionally, GHG emissions decreased by 108 tons, within the mentioned period.

The companies have agreed to continue to move forward in their partnership by extending the installation to all the hydraulic circuits in the industrial sites in Portugal, as well as expanding the project to all their industrial facilities in Europe and the Americas. The IMG Group aims to understand and manage their environmental footprint so well, that they are able to contribute to the restoration of the environment and the ecosystems where they operate. In a perfect symbiosis with nature, they want to supply their products at the lowest environmental cost in terms of CO2 emissions, energy intensity and water footprint.

The group envisions a world where resilience and environmental sustainability give way to emergence and regeneration. This is the reason why they have set ambitious environmental goals:

• Assess, manage and reduce the impact of their products along their life cycle.
• Treat bioregions and ecosystems with the highest respect, doing their best to leave only a positive impact.
• Neutralise the impact of their environmental footprint and be a company fuelled by clean, renewable energy.

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