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IMAZON integrates project to develop forest product chains in northern Pará, Brazil

  • Published on February 15, 2022

Residents of the Jaramacaru Community Association and Region (ACAJE) held last Sunday (January 30, 2022) a meeting with community members and partners to discuss the use of natural resources in the State Forest of Trombetas (Flota). Flota is a conservation unit for sustainable use in Northern Pará and is in the project's scope "The use of geotechnologies to support the Management of Sociobiodiversity Products and Territorial Protection," supported by the Integrated Legacy of the Amazon Region (LIRA).


*Imazon (Instituto do Homem e Meio Ambiente da Amazônia) is a Brazilian research institution whose mission is to promote conservation and sustainable development in the Amazon. We are an organization dedicated to research and the search for solutions to the use and conservation of natural resources in the Amazon. In its 30 years of existence, Imazon has published approximately 700 technical papers published as articles in international scientific journals and more than 100 books and booklets that support decision-making by public authorities, the private sector, and civil society. Since 2008, Imazon has published monthly the Deforestation Bulletin (SAD).

The Institute of Man and the Environment of the Amazon (Imazon) is the technical support part of the project and participated with researcher Jakeline Pereira. "Trombetas Flota had been closed for almost two years because of the risks from Covid-19 contagion to the Zoé people, who are isolated and live close to the place where extractivist collect the Brazil nut. So, at the meeting, we talked about the resumption of chestnut collection at the Flota, authorized on Monday (31)", explains the researcher.


"As a partner entity of ACAJE, we will also work on mapping the uses of chestnut trees in the Trombetas Flota and also on the cumaru extractive activity, technical training for the use of drone and GPS, forming a group of Community Environmental Agents and strengthening the chestnut chain. , with incentives for commercialization and good practices, rules for the use of the territory", highlights Jakeline Pereira.

 According to Alberto Sampaio, director of ACAJE, the project is essential to equip the entity with personal protective equipment, georeferencing devices, statutory review, accountability, entrepreneurship, associativism, and official writing.

The project was conceived by the Instituto de Pesquisas Ecológicas (IPÊ) and carried out with resources from the Amazon Fund and the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation. It will last 18 months and activities will be developed in partnership with the Instituto de Desenvolvimento Florestal e da Biodiversidade do State of Pará (IDEFLOR-Bio); the Environmental Military Police of the State of Pará, the Municipality of Óbidos, through the Municipal Department of the Environment (Semma); Prevfogo (IBAMA); and the Municipality of Oriximiná, through the Municipal Environment Department (Semma).


By: Dominik Giusti and Martha Costa

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