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ICT's Role in Promoting Sustainable Urban Lifestyles - The case of Stockholm Royal Seaport

  • Published on March 28, 2014
The starting point for this report has been to study the potential benefits ICT technology can have in promoting sustainable lifestyles and a special focus has been put on the new eco-district the Stockholm Royal Seaport. We have studied the work being done at the Stockholm Royal Seaport and especially the ICT research projects. We have further studied what sustainable lifestyles entail and also how technology can be used in a persuasive manner to change attitudes and behaviour. Based on all this we have compiled the ICT solutions most suitable for promoting sustainable lifestyles and incorporated these into a new Smart City SRS Concept. In the Smart City SRS Concept we discuss what actions need to be taken to implement the suggested ICT solutions into the Stockholm Royal Seaport and also what actors would need to be involved.

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