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HIFI (HELIO Index For Investors)

  • Published on April 13, 2018
In the next few years, trillions of dollars of investments will be spent in the energy sector. What criteria will guide investors and government policy-makers? Indeed, there is a growing need in the sustainable investment community for tools that provide timely information on the quality of country policies. This need stems from the desire of investors to target improved efficiency and direct their investments towards socially responsible alternatives that lead to ecodevelopment.
The main advantages of HIFI are that: it is founded on the Working Group on Statistics for Sustainable Development (WGSSD) framework.4 Accordingly, HIFI provides a multi-faceted view on sustainable energy investments; it can cover all world’s countries, enabling rigorous comparisons on a global scale; it focuses on policies that are within the control of policy makers in the energy sector. The HIFI allows all stakeholders – investors, policymakers and members of civil society – to monitor the effectiveness of national policies, thus helping to identify opportunities for successful investment in climate-proof, sustainable energy projects. This tool acts as a signal for investors to invest in a country where projects are likely to be more successful and profitable. It will also allow investors to compare performance across countries and identify those that offer better conditions for investment in energy projects. In this way, HIFI will also prompt countries to improve their own energy policies. HIFI, which aims to promote sound energy investments in economic, environmental, technological, civic and societal terms through assessments of conditions and policies at country level, will generate a unique set of primary data that will be

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