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Helpdesk to support contracting authorities on human rights

  • Published on January 11, 2018
Swedwatch's helpdesk for contracting authorities support and guide public procurers in their efforts to include human rights considerations into their purchasing practices. This include risk-assessments, trainings, lectures and auditing of suppliers, as well as support with phrasing of contract clauses.
The main objective is to give public procurers tools, guidance and enhance skill on how to implement human rights criteria in public contracts and use public procurement as a tool to improve working conditions in global supply chains. Swedwatch carried out a high number of risk-assements for different kinds of products, including construction material, tropical timber and office supplies. Most of them will be publicly available. In November 2017, Swedwatch carried out a much appreciated training on human rights and public procurement. Participants from different contracting authorities on state and municipal level got the chance to learn more on how to include social considerations and human rights into their public procurement process, assess risks in global supply chains and monitor supplier compliance. The training combined theory and examples with group work and discussions. Swedwatch has also done a number of lectures on human rights in public procurement, both locally and in international arenas. Increased awareness and skill among public procurements on how to include human rights in public contracts. Increased awareness and knowledge among public procurement on human rights risks in global supply chains. Expectations that more public entities include and monitor social criteria to improve labour right and human rights in glbal supply chains.

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