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A Handbook on the Collection of Protected Wild Species of Plants, Animals and Fungi

  • Published on February 14, 2022

This publication is intended to be an instrument for strengthening the application of legislation related to the collection, use and trade in wild species of plants and animals that are on the list of the Decree on the control of use and trade in wild flora and fauna. The Decree contains 63 species of medicinal plants, 9 species of animals, 15 species of fungi and three species of lichens for which collection control is being implemented in Serbia.

In one of its chapters the handbook describes the bylaws related to the protection of wild flora and fauna in Serbia, presenting at the same time the basic principles of protection and sustainable use of natural resources. It briefly shows the plantations and organic production, which is accompanied by the descriptions of the species of plants, animals, fungi and lichen. The purpose of the publication is to gather data on all protected species that are exploited in Serbia, due to which they are exposed to many negative factors. The handbook is intended for all those who deal with or plan to engage in collecting activities.

The handbook refers to the application of regulations related to the protection and conservation of biodiversity, by which endangered and rare plant and animal species are being protected, their use is being controlled and their trade inside and outside the country is being regulated. The most common types of hazards to which these groups of organisms are exposed are: excessive collection from nature, inadequate land use, degradation and destruction of habitats. Therefore, the handbook is based on the international instruments for the sustainable use of species from nature, such as the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) and three national bylaws: the Rulebook on the proclamation and protection of strictly protected and protected wild species of plants, animals and fungi, the Rulebook on cross-border traffic and trade in protected species and the Decree on the control of use and trade in wild flora and fauna. The subject of this handbook are exactly wild species of plants, fungi and lichens, leeches, snails, amphibians and reptiles for which the mechanism of trade and use in and outside the borders of Serbia was established in 1993.

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