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Guidelines for sustainable textile procurement by the Federal Administration

  • Published on February 19, 2021
The "Guideline for Sustainable Textile Procurement by the Federal Administration" recommends sustainability requirements for public textile procurement by the federal government, specifically the highest federal authorities. Textile procurements in the federal authorities, federal states and municipalities can be guided by the guide. The guide contains key definitions and recommendation for public procurers for the integration of environmental and social requirements related to fiber production and the manufacturing phase in the award and contract documents.
The "Step-by-Step Plan for Sustainable Textile Procurement by the Federal Administration" is an implementation measure of the Federal program of measures promoting sustainable administrative action. In accordance with the resolution of the Committee of State Secretaries for Sustainable Development, the Federal Government intends to further align public procurement by the authorities and institutions of the direct Federal Administration - within the framework of the applicable legal provisions and in compliance with the principle of economic efficiency under procurement law - with the guiding principle of sustainable development.

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