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Guide on Food Surplus Donation for Retail Sector

  • Published on March 31, 2023

This guide aims to help enterprises understand the concept of surplus food and multiple solutions for food recycling, and understand the feasibility of carrying out surplus food donation activities to ensure that the value of food is maximized; help enterprises to identify potential surplus food donation opportunities, and stimulate the endogenous motivation for enterprises to voluntarily participate in surplus food donation etc. This Guide applies to organizations that recognize the concept of surplus food donation and voluntarily participate in the implementation of the donation, including retail enterprises (such as supermarket chains, convenience stores, etc.), third-party public welfare organizations (such as public welfare foundations, charities, public non-profit organizations, etc.) and their secondary cooperative organizations.


The Guide is based on the requirements of the Anti-Food Waste Law and other laws and regulations, analyses the practical experience of leading enterprises in the industry at home and abroad, studies the redistribution path of surplus food by international related organisations, and takes into account the operational characteristics of retail enterprises such as supermarket chains and convenience stores. The aim is to provide a set of practical project management solutions for retail chains and related parties, and to mobilise multi-level social resources and forces to put food waste reduction actions into practice.

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