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A Guide to Effective Collaborative Action

  • Published on February 10, 2022

This Guide provides practical methods for Effective Collaborative Action (ECA), intended as any multi-stakeholder effort formed to address systemic problems using systemic solutions.

The Guide aims to make ECA understandable and practical so that it can be used by any individual or organization who wishes to initiate a systemic change approach to making food and agricultural commodity systems more sustainable. The Guide foresees four building blocks to support an Effective Collaborative Action journey. Each building block represents an important body of work needed to bring about systems transformation: 1. Understand the system 2. Co-create the approach 3. Take Collaborative Action 4. Learn and adapt

This methodology has been developed to support the transformation of food and agricultural commodity systems in countries with significant environmental and social challenges. But it can also be applied to much broader issues or simpler engagements as well.

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