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Guidance on Corporate Social Responsibility Management for Chain Stores & E-commerce Platform 2021 Edition

  • Published on January 5, 2022

In response to industry-specific needs and challenges, the Guidance on Corporate Social Responsibility Management for Chain Stores & E-Commerce Platforms is timely issued, aiming at providing a set of effective management tools and working methods for industry enterprises and helping enterprises to continuously improve the social responsibility management level and information disclosure quality, actively respond to regulatory requirements, reduce compliance risks and further improve their competitiveness and innovation.

This Guidance is applicable to the chain stores developed with the chain operation mode in China and the E-commerce platforms with omni-channel integrated development, including retail industry, catering industry, life service industry, E-commerce industry and so on. The application covers listed and non-listed enterprises, and other related industries can refer to it according to the actual situation.

Sustainable Consumption as one of the core Substansive Issues of Corporate Social Responsibility for chain stores & e-commerce platforms. The Guidance also encouraged the information disclosure on CSR/ ESG information to consumers and stakeholders.

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