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Foundation Earth: Case Study on Communicating Food Sustainability Information to Consumers

  • Published on May 13, 2022

This case study presents Foundation Earth’s approaches, challenges and successes on communicating food sustainability information to consumers.It is one of a series of twelve case studies developed by UNEP, WWF and GlobeScan which include efforts by companies and labels to communicate food sustainability to consumers. The case study could be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

Foundation Earth is an independent, non-profit organisation established to harmonise a system for front-of-pack environmental scores on food products, enabling consumers to make more sustainable buying choices. The organisation was launched in 2021, bringing together expert scientists and leading figures from food production and retailing across the United Kingdom and the European Union. The company’s headquarters are split between Spain and the United Kingdom.

Foundation Earth’s aim is to promote more sustainable buying choices by providing consumers with clear and credible information, in particular through its Eco Impact label, while aiding and encouraging food producers to innovate in a more sustainable way.

Supporting document(s)

UNEP_WWF_GlobeScan Foundation Earth Communicating Food Sust Case Study 2022_0.pdf Download

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