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Food waste reduction in tourism - reporting

  • Published on April 20, 2023

The Global Roadmap for Food Waste Reduction in the Tourism Sector recommends organizations to report annually on progress against their food waste reduction targets to showcase successes, share learnings and challenges with other stakeholders and trigger changes at scale.



Organisations should publicly report their results, or work towards this best practice, and share successes and lessons learned. Data in the public domain is critical, because it makes it possible for countries to track their progress in delivering SDG target 12.3. on halving food waste by 2030 and to report under the Food Waste Index, the official UN food waste indicator. As a minimum organizations should share data via their website and sustainability reports. In addition, reports can be done internally and/or certified by external bodies. Where appropriate, results can also be shared with the relevant membership organization who can publish aggregated data, thereby demonstrating the sector’s progress. Data can also be shared via the One Planet network online platform for knowledge sharing.

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