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Financing building energy performance improvement in Poland

  • Published on January 16, 2017
An analysis of financing schemes and their impact on the Polish renovation market
An effective renovation strategy supported by proper financing schemes can solve vital environmental problems such as lowering CO2-emissions and improving air quality. However, although a large variety of financing mechanisms exists and a lot of funding will be available until 2020, not all measures seem to be effective. In the first chapter, this report analyses the energy performance of the Polish building stock and the characteristics of the renovation market by presenting building stock data as well as an overview of the national renovation market. The six key renovation technologies and markets “envelope insulation”, “envelope prefabrication”, “windows”, “roofing”, “ventilation and heating” and “installation of hot water and central heating” are then presented in a overview that compares available technologies with modern solutions and technologies. The second chapter focuses on financing schemes in Poland by providing an analysis of their impact on the renovation market as well as mapping the existing funding to building typologies.

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