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Fair Trade Tourism Certification

  • Published on November 26, 2018
The Fair Trade Tourism membership scheme assists tourism businesses to develop a foothold on the path to sustainability through the use of custom-designed benchmarking toolkits. Our certification programme, which endorses tourism establishments that meet stringent criteria following an intensive, independent third-party audit.
The objective of Fair Trade Tourism Certification is to improve profitability, competitiveness and sustainability of small-scale tourism producers through supply ad value-chain development, resulting in improved socio-economic flows for Fair Trade Tourism end-beneficiaries. The criteria focus on: (1) Fair wages and working conditions (2) Fair operations, purchasing and distribution of benefits (3) Ethical business practice (4) Respect for human rights, culture and the environment (5) Voluntourism So far over 80 tourism businesses have been provided with sustainable business development support towards achieving Fair Trade Tourism certification. 50 tour operators have signed agreements with Fair Trade Tourism to package and promote certified businesses in Fair Trade Holidays.

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