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  • Published on February 11, 2022

With growing commitment by governments and businesses to tackle sustainability challenges, the need for understanding what works where, why and how is growing. Evidensia’s goal is to ensure that credible research and evidence positively influences corporate and government decisions regarding sustainable commodity production and sourcing. It does this by providing easy access, sharing credible content and supporting learning and interpretation through interactive tools and specific analysis. On Evidensia, users can search in the online library for studies by country or region, by sector or product, by sustainability issue, by organisation or tool. Users can see transparent information about how a study was designed, and can also see results across an entire sustainability topic in our visual summaries. Experts provide their insights on the latest research to help users understand results.

Evidensia helps to access and interpret credible research on the sustainability impacts and effectiveness of supply chain initiatives and tools, including standards and certification. It offers credible insights from sustainability research that can improve the decision-making process. Issues cover include climate change, consumers and supply chains, child rights, forest and other ecosystems and other issues relevant to sustainable consumption and production.

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