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EU GPP criteria for food procurement, catering services and vending machines

  • Published on March 7, 2022

This report summarized the discussions held during the revision process of the Green Public Procurement criteria for Food procurement and catering services. The report includes a summary of the preliminary report that includes related information such as market analysis and technical analysis and those changes in the criteria structure and wording that have been proposed and discussed during the whole process. The main part of the report consists of the wording and rationale of each of the revised GPP criteria. This section is organized in three main blocks including the proposed criteria on Food, catering services and vending machines. Each criterion is classified as contractual performance clause, technical specification, selection criteria or award criteria and includes the wording and values proposed (in the explanatory notes) for the core and the comprehensive levels. The report closes with the life cycle considerations for this product group. 

The development of EU GPP criteria aims to help public authorities ensure that the goods, services and works they require are procured and executed in a way that reduces their associated environmental impacts and is focused on the products' most significant improvement areas, resulting from the cross-check between the key environmental hot-spots and market analysis. This development also requires an understanding of commonly used procurement practices and processes and the taking on board of learnings from the actors involved in successfully fulfilling contracts. For this reason, the European Commission has developed a process aimed at bringing together both technical and procurement experts to collate a broad body of evidence and to develop, in a consensus-oriented manner, a proposal for precise and verifiable criteria that can be used to procure products with a reduced environmental impact. This report presents the findings resulting from that process up to the second version of the Technical Report. 

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