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The EPEAT Benefits Calculator

  • Published on October 30, 2018
The ability to measure the benefits of purchasing sustainable IT products is a capability highly valued by the GEC and the purchasers it supports. Benefits calculations are especially valuable in helping purchasers build a business case for preferring EPEAT registered IT products in procurements and documenting program success for their internal and external constituencies. Purchasers are increasingly seeking data to drive, measure and report on their sustainability initiatives. Upon the launch of GEC's Benefits Calculator in 2018, purchasers were given a powerful new tool to help them justify use of EPEAT, and to recognize the value of pursuing an EPEAT procurement strategy.
EPEAT-registered products meet strict sustainability criteria that address impacts across the full lifecycle of the product, from raw material extraction and production/assembly to product use and managing the product's end-of-life (extending its use and/or looking at its recyclability). Purchasing EPEAT-registered products is a simple and effective way to both reduce your organization's environmental impact and meet your organization's sustainability goals. GEC's interactive environmental benefits calculator allows purchasers to measure and report the environmental benefits gained from purchasing electronic products covered by the EPEAT ecolabel. The benefits calculator also allows purchasers to estimate how they can achieve further environmental reductions by using products longer and responsibly recycling them when taken out of service. The EPEAT Benefits Calculator helps organizations demonstrate the impact of their sustainable IT procurement decisions and communicate to internal and external stakeholders using familiar metrics like reduction in energy use, greenhouse gases and water consumption, as well as cost savings.

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