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Energy Efficiency and the 10YFP. Background Paper for the 10YFP Workshop in UN City, Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Published on December 12, 2016
Energy Efficiency (EE) is an important for mitigating climate change, but also for deriving economic benefits and competitive advantage. According to the IEA, EE alone could contribute 49% of the GHG reduction required for adhering to the 2°C limit. Considering these benefits, integrating EE offers many opportunities to the 6 10YFP programmes. This background paper is intended to provide an overview of how EE can be positioned in in each of them.
C2E2 prepared this paper as input for the workshop Integrating Energy Efficiency into the 10YFP, 8-9 September in Copenhagen. The event brought together 20 experts from 15 different countries from the 10YFP programme areas as well as energy efficiency experts from UN Environment, C2E2, the Sustainable Energy for All (SE for All) Accelerator Platform, and Danish academic institutions. The paper formed the basis for discussion on identifying concrete energy efficiency entry points into the different 10YFP programmes. The informal consortia established during the workshop aim to go on to develop strategies for energy efficiency integration into the 10YFP for instance through NAMA- AND INDC-related projects; through synergising the networks and objectives of the SE for All and 10YFP initiatives; and through their wider associated “communities of practice” on energy efficiency and sustainable consumption and production. For a holistic picture and further information, the paper should be read together with the workshop report (coming soon). The latter provides concrete suggestions on how to integrate energy efficiency in the 10YFP sectors and themes.

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