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Ecological Blue Flag

  • Published on January 3, 2018
Ecological Blue Flag is an award that is granted to all those producers who register annually in the Program and meet the established parameters in terms of: Good Agricutural Practices on Soil and Water Conservation and Management, Agrochemical' uses and Organic Residues management; Efficiency in electricity and fuel uses; Social Responsability best practices; climate change effects and adaptation measures; and animal wellness. Every participant farmer must have an annual work plan and report.
Foster the application of best practices for sustainable management of natural resources in agricultural production to reduce the ecological footprint, improve efficiency and sustainability of agrifood and agroforestry systems, and provide clean products to the market. The Program is ongoing since 2011. Currently there are more than 160 farmers who participate in the Ecological Blue Flag Program. Most of them are coffee producers, but also some of them are fresh vegetables, fruit, milk, cattle and wood producers. Impacts have not been evaluted. The expected impacts are: reduce the organic residues production reduce the agrochemicals use in agricultural production reduce soil hidric erosion

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