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Earth Charter Cities Manifesto

  • Published on August 7, 2019
Inspired by and strongly associated with the Earth Charter, Earth Charter Cities want to deliver a significant contribution to a sustainable future. The Earth Charter Cities concept becomes manifest through 16 different principles, accessible and useful to all citizens and urban organizations, businesses, communities, governments and institutions to inspire and to guide them towards a new future. The principles will be developed progressively into a more actionable support of this objective.
Earth Charter Cities choose to accept the guidance of the Earth Charter. Earth Charter Cities ensure valuable and sustainable (re) development. The Earth Charter City makes the choice to be an important part of a global partnership to care for the Earth and for the whole community of life. We are sensitive to perils and weaknesses in our system and we are ready to bring substantial changes into our values, institutions and our ways of life. Earth Charter Cities to the Challenge The Earth Charter City focuses on quality, engaging exactly those values that allow us as humans and as a society to be more, instead of to have more. Policy makers especially must be aware that their local decisions have far-reaching effects on others, on nature and on the climate. Simultaneously, changes in climate, the environment and ecosystems have a large impact on the local situation in and around cities. We urgently need to share a vision of basic values to provide an ethical foundation for the growing global community.

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