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Driving circular fashion and textiles - European Clothing Action Plan summary report

  • Published on January 10, 2020
This summary report explores the achievements of the four year ECAP (European Clothing Action Plan) project, part funded by EU LIFE.The project set out to bring environmental and economic benefit to the clothing sector through a range of work packages co-funded and delivered by European partners. It covered a range of innovation projects, conducted through eight work streams by partners in several European countries.
This report signposts valuable resources including new guidance, white papers and key learnings which are available to inspire and inform any business or Government, in any country. The report details key findings from a series of small-scale demonstration projects testing practical interventions across the supply chain. These pilots range from introducing sustainable design and production practices to addressing the pressure of consumption on the environment; and developing more sustainable public-procurement models. At the disposal stage, ECAP focussed on improving textile collections, recycling and reprocessing through research and practical trials and fibre-2-fibre recycling.

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