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Destination Stewardship Report - Summer 2020 Q3 (Volume 1, Issue 1)

  • Published on February 12, 2021
The Destination Stewardship Report is a quarterly e-newsletter is a collaboration between the Destination Stewardship Center and Global Sustainable Tourism Council, and in time maybe others. Our goal is to provide information and insights useful to anyone whose work or interests involve improving destination stewardship in a post-pandemic world.
Summer 2020 Q3 (Volume 1, Issue 1): ‣ "GSTC's Crucial Criterion A1: Destination Management" - by Randy Durband, GSTC CEO; Jonathan Tourtellot, DSC CEO ‣ "The Elaborate Process of Revising GSTC's Destination Criteria" ‣ "Engaging Gateway Communities for a U.S. National Park" by Dr. Kelly Bricker ‣ "Anna Maria Island Offers a Model for Sustainable Stewardship" by Dr. Dave Randle ‣ "In Italy's Dolomites, a "Future Lab" Inspires DMO Innovation" by Marta Mills ‣ "Crete Needs to Restore Its Gastronomic Heritage" by Nikki Rose

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