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Destination Stewardship Report – Autumn 2020 (Volume 1, Issue 2)

  • Published on February 12, 2021
The Destination Stewardship Report is a quarterly e-newsletter is a collaboration between the Destination Stewardship Center and Global Sustainable Tourism Council, and in time maybe others. Our goal is to provide information and insights useful to anyone whose work or interests involve improving destination stewardship in a post-pandemic world.
Destination Stewardship Report – Autumn 2020 (Volume 1, Issue 2): ‣ "The Greening of Gritty Ulsan, Korea" by Dr. Mihee Kang and Seok Yoon. ‣ "10 Ways to Reset Your Tourism Model Post-Covid" by Florian Kaefer (The Place Brand Observer, Sustainability Leaders Project). ‣ "Pandemic Tourism Brings Surprises to Serbia" by Ivana Damnjanovic (Univerzitet Singidunum). ‣ "The Search for Holistic Destination Management: Columbia Gorge Tourism Alliance, Oregon and Washington States, USA" by Emily Reed and Jacqueline Harper. ‣ "Mallorca Tries to Tame Tourism" by Daza Garcia Hernandez. ‣ "How Data Science Can Help Destinations" by Irene N Lane (Greenloons) ‣ #FutureOfTourism Coalition Update ‣ "Destination Monitor

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