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Design for Product care, A tool for product lifetime extension

  • Published on January 12, 2023

The Product Care Kit teaches and encourage designers to raise the take up of product care behavior

In order to truly contribute to a Circular Economy model, products should keep usable as long as possible. Therefore, design represents a key factor to move forward to the implementation of circularity towards sustainable product


Hence, designing considering circular principles becomes more relevant for designers, raising topics such as sustainable design and sustainable behavior. Designing with the aim of maintaining products within their desired level of performance is the most efficient way to contribute to extending its product lifetime; which is considered Product care.

In order to educate and expand designer understanding of how to design towards product care, The Product Care Kit was developed as a design tool which consists of a set of magnetic cards used for brainstorming, ideating and discussing.The set consists of the following: an information booklet, persona cards, product cards, product care type cards, design strategy cards and example cards with product solutions for each design strategy

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