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Dare to Differ. Responsible and Sustainable Living. Images and Objects Active Learning Toolkit 8

  • Published on November 7, 2018
This toolkit is structured in three main parts. The first part represents the introducation to the toolkit and it provides a background on education for responsible and sustainable living, as well as the learning methodology employed and the learning objectives targeted in this toolkit. The second part provides brief introduction on how to use this learning toolkit and the activities contained within. The third part contains the primary materials of this toolkit.
This toolkit covers five different learning themes that each include a series of recommended learning activities and resources. The five learning themes represent unique dimensions in which people around the world are innovating and finding positive alternatives for more sustainable living. These themes include: 1) collaborative consumption, 2) reuse, repair and upcycle, 3) sufficiency and food security, 4) maintaining biodiversity, and 5) holistic approaches to sustainable lifestyles. At the end of this toolkit, there is also a sections that includes additional resources and an images bank to be used with suggested activities.

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