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Cost optimality in building renovations

  • Published on December 23, 2014
This publication supports the EU comitology process on cost optimality in buildings renovations that started following the EPBD recast (Directive 2010/31/EU). It is targeted at all internal and external stakeholders of this process and explains the background, process and generic principles of the methodology. The issue of cost optimality is a key issue within the EPBD recast. It goes deeply together with how far regulations can require property owners to undertake renovations after, for instance, a buildings performance certificate has been issued with recommendations. The EPBD recast requests that Member States shall ensure that minimum energy performance requirements for buildings are set “with a view to achieving cost-optimal levels”. The cost optimum level shall be calculated in accordance with a comparative methodology. The following text summarises the provisions of the EPBD regarding this approach. The Commission needs to establish by June 30th 2011 a comparative methodology framework for calculating cost-optimal levels of minimum energy performance requirements for buildings and building elements (e.g. the roof of a building).

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