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Consumers and Mediterranean diet: towards food systems transformation

  • Published on May 26, 2023

During this webinar, organized by the SFS-MED Platform and held on 26 January 2023, stakeholders from across the Mediterranean shared experiences and successful cases from the consumer perspective, including on transparent information and consumer education and innovative pathways for sustainable public procurement. Panelists and speakers highlighted how consumers should be at the center of all elements of the food system, from food research to food production and procurement, as well as food industry, environments and marketing.

The discussion was instrumental in demonstrating that empowering consumers to make informed food choices is key to enabling the transformation of Mediterranean food systems. In this context, the Mediterranean diet can be a strategic resource for driving transformative change, with its environmental, social, cultural, health and economic benefits. Education for sustainable consumption enables individuals and social groups to become actors of change by providing knowledge, values and skills to make environmentally friendly, ethically sound, and responsible decisions as consumers. Moreover, involving consumers in research and innovation processes (consumer-driven data) is needed to better understand their needs and preferences. Finally, targeted policy frameworks and multi-stakeholder partnerships can leverage public food procurement schemes to promote the Mediterranean diet, while supporting local economies and environmental sustainability.

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