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Comuna do Ibitipoca

  • Published on February 14, 2022

The Comuna began in 1984 with the purchase of Fazenda do Engenho and today covers more than 5,000 hectares of area that was previously degraded, of which 99% are in the process of ReWild: recovery of the native flora and fauna of the Atlantic Forest. It is part of an experimental socio-environmental project focused on man and his home, the planet.


More than a farm hotel, it is an environmental project proposal for sustainability, social responsibility, and country life. With nature walks within the Atlantic Forest, the Comuna do Ibitipoca is located in a private reserve around the Ibitipoca State Park and surrounds 80% of the protected area. This space seeks a harmonious relationship between human beings and nature, confident that this contact, added to respect for diversity, is the key to a bright future. One of the projects that most attracts attention in the commune is the Refaunation Program, which seeks to reverse the situation of species originating in the region that are endangered or have abandoned the area.


Tapirs, jacutinga, macuco and great red macaw are being reintroduced to the region. The highlight of partnership is the Muriquis House project, with the Muriqui Institute of Biodiversity (MIB), which seeks to reintroduce the muriqui, the largest primate unique to the Atlantic Forest, at risk of extinction, in addition to promoting the survival of isolated and isolated individuals of the species. Its reproduction for the increase of the population in the region and its rescue. There are currently less than 900 individuals in the wild. The last muriquis of Ibitipoca were just two males who survived alone in a small forest area without conditions for breeding and long-term survival. Now, with the Muriqui House project, they are protected; they live together with other females in a similar situation and will be able to mate and contribute to the increase and recovery of their species.


The more than five thousand hectares of the Comuna extend through Lima Duarte, Bias Fortes, and Santa Rita do Ibitipoca, bypassing and acting as a protection belt for the Ibitipoca State Park. The well-being of the planet and people guides The Comuna. We work to create a fertile environment for the flourishing of happiness. We also believe that this must be done holistically, involving fauna, flora, and the local community. The Comuna is based on one of the goals of Agenda 21: "adopt sustainability to change the directions of environmentally predatory and socially exclusive global economic growth." Here, you are invited to reflect on global issues and act locally to spread awareness that the future depends on each one of us.


As a belt of the Ibitipoca State Park, surrounding 80% of its territory, the Comuna do Ibitipoca has 6 thousand hectares, with more than 90% of this area in rewilding: recovery of the native flora and fauna of the Atlantic Forest. It is a socio-environmental project more than a hotel, with species maintenance, sustainable projects, and social responsibility. Another partnership finances "The Ibitipoca University," which holds courses and training for a more sustainable and conscious future. It also welcomes students from the Lima Duarte public schools for immersion and learning about the environment and integration with the neighboring residents of The Comuna. They can also help in the process of revitalizing the Atlantic Forest.


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