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Collaborative Framework for Food Systems Transformation. A multi-stakeholder pathway for sustainable food systems.

  • Published on June 3, 2019

The Collaborative Framework for Food Systems Transformation explains how governments and stakeholders, at national or local levels, can apply a food systems approach to policymaking and implementation. The publication suggests practical and easy-to-follow actions for performing analyses of food systems, expanding or reorienting existing activities, integrating policy interventions, and building effective food systems governance.

This publication presents a coherent Collaborative Framework for Food Systems Transformation (the FS Framework) that recommends key activities across the food system for accelerating the transition to sustainable food systems. The FS Framework is primarily intended for national or local government departments that are responsible for establishing institutions and designing and implementing policies at the local or national level to develop food systems in line with national objectives and goals. Moreover, the Framework explains how different stakeholders (e.g., civil society, private companies, research institutes, etc.) can help implement these policies and support governments in advancing a systemic transformation. This publication is an output of the One Planet Network Sustainable Food Systems Programme and contributes to the Programme’s objective to support countries to shift towards sustainable food systems, and to comply with international commitments, such as the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

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