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Climate Resilient Honiara WP 7a: Climate Resilient Spaces: Evacuation Centres

  • Published on February 18, 2022

This report presents an analysis of evacuation centres by architecture, engineering, and GIS experts from RMIT University. They worked closely with key stakeholders in Honiara to undertake preliminary analysis on evacuation centre needs, and to make recommendations for interventions for the Climate Resilient Honiara project (CRH). The report is based on a combination of desktop research and several field visits during which observations and informal discussions took place with local leaders and community members. Consultations also took place with the National Disaster Management Office; Ministry of Lands, Housing and Survey (MLHS); Honiara City Council; and Ward Councillors. Design guidelines and field observations have led to the development of concept designs which can be used as a starting point for further detailed discussions with the communities and related stakeholders.

Solomon Islands, and especially Honiara, has been subjected to natural hazards in the past, and its exposure will continue in the future. As part of Climate Resilient Honiara project, this report has focused on hard infrastructure in the form of evacuation centres. Site visits, preliminary spatial mapping, review of existing information and best practice has resulted in concept designs and a proposed action plan for initial work in 2020 and beyond. The concept designs are a starting point to engage further with the community to determine further detailed design, not just in terms of the physical 

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