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Climate Puzzle: Fun Way to Plan Sustainable Lifestyles

  • Published on February 17, 2022

Climate puzzle is a game created by D-mat to build roadmap for a sustainable lifestyle. The game allows you to build your own roadmap for a sustainable lifestyle, or to facilitate teaching and workshops on climate change and sustainable lifestyles.

Climate puzzle is a game created by D-mat that allows you to build your own roadmap for a sustainable lifestyle. It is a diverse design and educational game for individuals and households, as well as for schools, groups of colleagues and decision-makers in both public and private sector. The content and goals of the Climate Puzzle are based on scientific research. The Puzzle illustrates the magnitude of the change required and the actual significance of various everyday actions. The Climate Puzzle is suitable for anyone interested in sustainable lifestyles. 

In addition to outlining your own goals and learning about low-carbon lifestyles, the Climate Puzzle also guides you to consider how society should change to make sustainable lifestyles easier and faster to implement. In this way, the Climate Puzzle helps you to take action in your daily life and also to observe when change is not just about yourself.

How does the Climate Puzzle works?

There are six steps in the Climate Puzzle that will guide you or your group to consider the carbon footprint, the starting point of the Puzzle, to the goals of the Paris Agreement and ultimately to try sustainable actions in practice.

  1. Starts by marking the carbon footprint on the game board,
  2. Select low-carbon actions, there are over 100 actions related to housing, food, mobility, and goods, services, and leisure,
  3. Plan your sustainable lifestyle, whether the action can be taken immediately or any time till 2030,
  4. Go through the actions that want you try out immediately,
  5. Once the goals have been identified, consider how and who can make the actions to be easier and faster,
  6. You can now start your experiments!


The Climate Puzzle is currently available in Finnish and Swedish, with Finland-specific low-carbon options. New language and country versions will follow!

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