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Civil Society European Strategy for Sustainable Textiles, Garments, Leather & Footwear

  • Published on August 20, 2021

This is a non-official proposal for an ambitious and integrated EU strategy in support of fair and sustainable textile, garments, leather and footwear (TGLF) value chains.

This document is a collaborative effort of a coalition of a diverse set of civil society organisations urging the European Commission, members of the European Parliament, governments of EU Member States in the Council and other stakeholders to work towards such a strategy. 

A broad coalition of social and environmental NGOs has developed a Civil Society European Strategy for Sustainable Textiles, Garments, Leather and Footwear looking at the social, environmental and governance implications of the textile sector in one forward-looking document ahead of the comprehensive EU Strategy for Textiles, expected in 2021.
We call on the EU to promote and support the development of a strong circular Textiles, Garments, Leather and Footwear industry that respects human rights, creates decent jobs and adheres to high environmental and responsible governance standards throughout its value chain, in the EU and beyond.
More specifically, it aims to contribute to the upcoming “comprehensive EU Strategy for Textiles”, by providing recommendations on what such Strategy should encompass in order to maintain a high level of ambition. It includes forward-looking proposals on due diligence, product policy framework, waste, unfair trading practices, international trade, support to producing countries, alternative business models and a multi-stakeholder platform.

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