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Circularity in the hotel industry and competitiveness: a manual for implementing good practices

  • Published on October 6, 2022

One of the industries most severely impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak is tourism. Restricting mobility and activity has substantially hampered the operations of the players involved in the tourism value chain and jeopardised their outcomes. But more importantly, the tourism and travel industries will surely be the ones most negatively impacted by the epidemic and its ramifications. Therefore, the Impulsa Balears Foundation introduced and explored the potential of Circular Economy-inspired ideas and practices to guide a more sustainable, resilient and future-proof travel and tourism industry development. 

The Impulsa Balears Foundation has been tasked with developing its strategic circularity framework for the hotel industry in accordance with the current principles and global instruments, in line with the guidelines of One Planet Vision, with the support of the Iberostar Group and the UNWTO. The manual provides great insights into the core of the Circular Economy in which a thorough overview of the areas of the travel and tourism sector where circular solutions implementation potential can be discovered. Additionally, it motivates many tourist eco-system players to reconsider their current (typically linear) business models, value chains, and capacity for value generation.

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