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Cinegreen Change-Making Films on Issues of Environment & Sustainability

  • Published on January 14, 2021
- To develop an understanding of issues concerning Climate Change amongst young adolescents, educators, civil society leaders and facilitate a snowball effect subsequently targeting young enthusiasts, corporate and government institutions and local communities. - To establish a relation between oneself, local action on climate change, and, national / global development and environmental issues. - To develop stewardship and civic responsibility towards environmental concerns and equip young adults and educators with knowledge and skills to be able to make positive contribution towards environmental conservation and sustainable living. - To disseminate relevant digital content around issues of environment and sustainability through different social media and digital platforms. - To engage leading influencers from the world of films and public life to collaborate and motivate the youth participants to use digital media as a platform for social change.
Each of the students participated in the production of 10 professional films along with film professionals. The two day workshops covered concepts relating to film making theory, storyboarding, storytelling, hands-on training, camera, sound and onset production calls. On Day 2 (the day of shooting), the students themselves became the crew and actors of the films. Themes such as sustainable fashion, water conservation, urban green spaces, air pollution, upcycling and plastic pollution were addressed in the making of each of these one minute films. A total of over 200 young students were directly engaged in the entire process. The films received overwhelming responses from digital audience members worldwide with a collective viewership of over 5000 across social media platforms. Student participants were imparted with new skills in film making, editing, story-boarding and acting through the entire process and were extremely proud to showcase their respective journeys to a global audience.

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