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Building Energy Performance Toolkit

  • Published on January 14, 2020
Bioregional's pioneering toolkit helps deliver 'as-built' energy performance and improves the overall quality of new-build housing projects.
The cost of poor energy performance The in-use (or 'as built') energy performance of UK new-build homes is significantly worse than design stage estimates. This energy performance gap – the difference between design and real-world performance – is a core quality issue affecting most new homes in the UK. It can add as much as £300 on a £600 annual space heating bill, with the resulting extra carbon emissions fuelling climate change. Industry is impacted through long-term maintenance liabilities. Tenants face higher energy bills, and housing associations face greater costs and maintenance headaches. For contractors, defects and rework already cost around £1.5-3k per unit in direct costs, without factoring indirect penalties from reputational damage. As zero-carbon building standards become the norm, this issue is going to get even bigger. Build it right the first time with BEPIT BEPIT is a systemised approach that tackles the problem head on by prioritising key risks and managing them through targeted interventions. The main focus is on prevention: pre-emptive targeted action at design, procurement and construction stages to avoid quality issues occurring on site. The whole process is facilitated – your team don't need to do any extra work, and they learn problem-solving, communication and technical skills along the way.

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