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Biodiversity toolkit infographic: Our Daily Food

  • Published on February 4, 2022

The Working Group 4 “Biodiversity Communication” currently develops a variety of tools for actors engaged in the field of sustainable, nature-compatible consumption. The provided tools and materials can be used freely for communication, cooperation and dissemination of information for various target groups.

We must act now to stop biodiversity loss caused by unsustainable consumption. To achieve this, well-targeted communication is key. This toolkit aims to support awareness-raising about the devastating impacts of conventional consumption patterns on nature, and to promote shifts in consumer behaviour, business practices and policy towards more sustainable, environmentally friendly solutions. It provides guidance and tools for communication related to consumption and biodiversity, including ready-to-use info materials, good practice examples and a communication guide.



Infographic Our daily food_Image (2.11 MB)

 Infographic Our daily food_Open (3.14 MB)

 Infographic Our daily food_Print (7.93 MB)

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