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Beer from Potato Peel

  • Published on September 30, 2022

Dutch consumers annually waste around 47 kilogrammes of food, which results in both financial loss and spoilage of all associated processes, such as food preparation, packing, transportation, and chilling. Based on this observation, four former workers of the retailer Albert Heijn decided to found Instock, which aims to "help people value food more" and combat food waste by transforming surplus food into meals. 

A typical solution to excess food waste from Albert Heijn Supermarkets in Amsterdam is to collect all its fruits, vegetables and bread and transform it into a du jour menu that changes daily depending on what's available or what the chef prepared. Further, those food waste is can be converted into beer, one made from potato peels, another from leftover bread, and a third using brewers' grains. Food waste, primarily from supermarkets, makes up 80 to 100% of the menu at Instock Restaurant. Nearly 1000 tonnes of food have been saved since 2012.

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