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Artificial Intelligence for Measuring Food Waste

  • Published on September 30, 2022

Food waste is a huge global issue and some amazing tech companies have come up with creative ways to solve the food waste crisis. A smart technology to track the food being thrown away and generates analytics that is allowing restaurants to see what is being wasted the most and how much money is being lost in the hotel sector.

Hilton hotel installed an AI-powered system that is designed to minimize food wastage in restaurant kitchens from Winnow. By using a camera, a set of smart scales and the same machine learning technology found in autonomous vehicles, Winnow 'learns' to recognize different foods being thrown in bins and calculates the financial and environmental cost of this discarded food to commercial kitchens. Food and Beverage enterprises and chefs can then reduce their food prices by 3% to 8% and tackle the fundamental problem of food waste - overproduction.

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