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Approved Results Framework and Budget of the 10YFP Secretariat (2023-2024)

  • Published on December 20, 2022

This Results Framework outlines in a succinct manner the activities that the 10YFP Secretariat and its One Planet Network proposes to undertake in the biennium 2023 and 2024, subject to available resources to support the implementation of the Global Strategy for Sustainable Consumption and Production (2023- 2030). This will be done through effective leadership, coordination, implementation, and communication efforts, together with the 10YFP Board, leading entities, the programmes and other initiatives.

The proposed outcome and objectives build on analysis of the current situation from scientific panels and UN status reports. This analysis shows that institutions, policy frameworks, and technical capacities do not sufficiently enable governments to harness the potential of SCP to address the drivers of the triple planetary crises and achieve global sustainability commitments. Furthermore, there is a need for a global coherent approach for SCP and circularity, supported by reliable data and knowledge on global trends, progress and gaps. The approach for Outcome 1 aims therefore to support member states in demonstrating their leadership on the SCP agenda including by broadening the base of countries contributing to the implementation of this universal framework and by highlighting the commitment to the Global Strategy for SCP. It also provides the tools to strengthen the connections between SCP and the MEA agendas at all levels and to monitor progress and gaps to inform decisions and coherency.

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