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AMEA Toolkit for Accelerating agri-SME performance

  • Published on October 17, 2022

AMEA is a global network which reaches 2 million farmers every year.  OurToolkit represents the best approaches used in our Network for accelerating agri-SME performance and is rigorously assessed through a peer review process.  Contact us at to know more.

The transformation of agriculture can only be achieved by professional farmers and professional agri-SMEs that are able to deliver to markets that demand sustainability.  A scaled up system of agri-services that deliver cost-effective support to farmers and agri-SMEs is urgently required.  AMEA works with members and partners to develp this system.  The AMEA Toolkit is a process and not the end product.  Let's stop competing and let's collaborate to build a system that delivers, and has the data to prove it delivers.

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