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Activities Report

  • Published on September 3, 2019
General objective Strengthen the dairy SMEs, providing tools for a better environmental management and fostering partnership with high focus in the whey valorization, and to increase food diversity and availabity through better nutritious offer and improving the environmental perfomance. Specific Objectives: ▪ Provide tools to improve the dairy SMEs environmental perfomance and management through the efficient use of resources, loss control techniques and waste management practices. ▪ Identify appropriate technologies for the valorization of whey for pharmaceutical, food and agricultural purposes applicable to SMEs. ▪ Provide tools to improve the Environment of areas currently impacted by the improper disposal of whey. ▪ Promote partnership practices that enable to reach a minimun scale to ensure feasibility for recovery activities (clusters), specially for the very small or isolated facilities. ▪ Increase coordination and efectiveness between national and local authorities (Dairy Industry Round Table) creating sinergy to issue integrated and harmonized regulation and permitting frameworks, such as a specific regulatory instrument for whey. ▪ Promote strategic alliances that contribute to the consumption and commercialization of products derived from whey, specially the low cost and high nutrition ones, targeted for vulnerable population.
There is a great interest to develop sustainable production projects, which offer tangible solutions to specific environmental challenges. ▪ It is necessary to manage the participation of multiple actors, public and private, at local, provincial and national levels. ▪ Recognition of an unsustainable production pattern that discards a by-product without aware that, due to its high nutritional value, it can contribute to food security. ▪ Initiatives for specific improvements, even the most limited ones, can generate the interest of other actors in improving overall productive performance.

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